Passion since 1923

In 1923 Engelbert Brenter (1897-1976) founded the company as a ski manufacturer. He was the technical mastermind behind the metal ski edge an in the early Olympic games, ski racer won on Brenter skis Olympic gold. 1949 he invented the "sit ski" his son Erich Brenter (born 1941) was the world first Snowbike. He test rode his fathers invention on the "Dürnberg" Hallein AUT and helped to improve the product since then. As a mechanical Engineer he set milestones to the sport. Erich and his Norwegian wife Ranheid have been a famous Skibob racer couple with many European- and World-Champion trophies. In 1964 Erich set the worlds first Snowbike Guinness world record with top speed of 166km/h on the race track in Cervinia ITALY. In 1967 he became CEO of the Brenter Company and move the factory from Hallein to a new 10.000 m² great facility in Oberndorf near the city of Salzburg (the place where the world famous song HOLY NIGHT SILENT NIGHT was composed). In 2003 Dr. Bernd Brenter and Dipl.-Ing. Harlad Brenter became CEO´s of the Brenter Company. Harald achieved in 2007, 2013 and 2018 3 GUINNESS WORLD Record Brenter Snowbikes (regular bikes out of the current production). With more than 50 Patents and Trademarks throughout the years the Brenter Company is the industries leading edge. The Brenter Family is not only the inventor of the Snowbike and its driving force.

As a family owned company we are passionate to MAKE THE MOUNTAIN YOURS.

Dr. Bernd Brenter